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Harry Potter...

The GoodCollapse )
The BadCollapse )

In any case, I'm sure I'll be seeing it about six more times.

I'm going to Disney World!

Ironically, it's during national stay-at-home week.  Here's hoping my sinus infection doesn't come back...


EEEEE!!!! XF2 Trailer!


Things I Learned in 2007

1. Spending 9.6% of your year in WDW only seems like too much when you're there; by the time you get home, it seems like 90.4% too little.
2. My brother is my uncle.  And not the good one.
3. True loss never goes away; it eventually just lives in a different place where it's less present.
4.  I love modern epics: soaps, Harry Potter, Pirates, The X-Files...whatever.
5. Having a 3 year old insist on calling you can brighten your day, even if you don't understand a word he says.
6a. I'm not really a big fan of fiction novels.
6b. I'm learning to really love movies.  Especially warm, visual ones with happy endings.
7. I don't trust governments, particularly my own.
8. Every time I'm positive I know what I want to do with my life, I give it a few months and then lose interest.
9. Johnny Depp is, without question, the finest actor of his generation.  At least.
10. I know far less than I thought I did last year.
11. J.K. Rowling is full of shit, but just in that last book.
12. I still hate New Year's and Valentine's Day.  And winter.
13. I'm far more apathetic than I like to think I am.
14. The people who are supposed to be there for you, can't always.  It's never personal. And it's usually not a reflection of their character.
15. Everything in life is a choice--though maybe not always a choice you like.
16. Don't eat meat pies made in a bakery under a barber shop.


Things I Learned on Vacation

1. Humidity is awesome for dry eyes, dry skin, and having a cold, but very bad for drying hair and sinus infections.
2. DON'T trust ugly people if they're trying to give you magical fruit, but DO trust ugly people if they're trying to give you a magical flower.
3. Spending 9.6% of your year in WDW is about .6% too much.
4. Your family doesn't seem so bad when you're 3,000 miles away and can pretend they don't exist.
5. Everything tastes better when Mickey-shaped.
6a. I actually am as smart as my IQ says I am, I just don't usually feel like it because I'm apparently surrounded by other smart people.
6b. Stupid people are *everywhere*.  And they talk too much.
7. Christmas shopping can be accomplished in 2.5 hours. You just have to stuff it all in your suitcase and ship your own clothes home.
8. It always gets hella cold and snows a lot when I leave.  I like that.
9. I will probably never get to see a shuttle launch.  Because I am cursed.
10. I still <3 manatees.  And they're apparently far less lazy in the middle of the night when hardly anyone is watching.
11. Motorized scooters should be banned from...well, everywhere.  
12. No one on the planet has a thought that goes unexpressed, especially if they're in the company of children.

Meme Time!


Good Thing It's Winter

So, I was going through my journal the other day to update icons after renaming a bunch of them and came across this post, which I have no recollection of making.  Amusing, sure.  But nothing earth-shattering until I remembered making this post fairly recently.  I think, come spring, I'll just stay inside.


Colorado Rockies, meet the Denver Broncos

So, it was proved last night what I've known all along: professional sports miracles don't happen in Denver. If our teams make the playoffs by the skin of their teeth, they sail through the post-season and then get thoroughly stomped in the big game in front of the entire country. Our teams have to actually be *good* the entire season and deserve a spot in the playoffs in order not to be unbelievably embarrassed. Just ask the Avs. They have managed to figure out the equation--you're good=win it all; you suck=you stay home. Rather simple as far as I can tell.

And tonight showed what I was pretty sure of all along: I'm a far bigger football fan than baseball fan. The Rockies lose the World Series and I'm pretty whatevery; the Broncos lose a regular-season game in the middle of the season, and I'm swearing at the TV (and specifically, Dre' Bly, but that's a rant for a different day). Baseball just goes so slow and it's the same thing over and over and over... I need the possibility of that one big play to keep me on the edge of my seat. And, I agree with George Carlin--if there's no possibility for serious injury, it's not a sport. So, while our opinions may differ on what's a sport, this still makes for some damn good reading. As does this, which completely explains why football is better than baseball. Though, in general, I have to admit baseball players are far better looking, which really doesn't matter I guess, since no one wants to have to sit through dozens of baseball games a season because you're dating one of the players.


I Guess I Was Half Right


I Have Disproved the Existence of God




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